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Alfresco Living

Louvred Pergola Designs Australia Loves

We all wish we could control the weather sometimes, even in sunny Western Australia. The sun can often get too intense and limit your outdoor time. However, by creating an architectural oasis at home, you can make the weather work for you. Pergolas are the perfect option to enhance your outdoor experience in the backyard, alfresco living area, or garden.

The main feature of pergolas is their beautiful open slats that create a partially shaded area. In cities such as Perth, these structures are favoured to create respite areas in home gardens that preserve sky views, enclose exposed walkways while still allowing sunlight to filter in, and compliment outdoor lounging and entertaining areas. The louvred roof pergola is the best pergola for West Australians.

What is a Louvre Style Pergola

Traditionally built to support trained vines in Italy, the pergola design has been updated and reimagined in Australia to accommodate modern needs for a summer-style gazebo and enhance alfresco living. Contemporary Australian pergolas are far more versatile, incorporating weather-resistant steel and modern technology to bring even more convenience to outdoor enjoyment. At the forefront of this innovation is the louvre system pergola.

This pergola system uses adjustable blades to enhance your experience in your sanctuary. A pergola with a louvred roof will add value to your home or investment by increasing outdoor functionality and aesthetically complementing the existing architecture, creating the perfect environment for alfresco living.

A Louvred Roof Pergola Is Simply Better

Why choose a louvre pergola for your alfresco living? The Louvre system gives you control over the heat and sun. The adjustable blades that can move 180° allow you to regulate the direction and amount of light you receive under your pergola roof. This system works year-round. You can limit dangerous ultraviolet radiation exposure in warm months and completely enclose the area from the rain in the colder months.

In the Perth climate, exposed structures must withstand the intense elements. Pergolas are no different. The perfect mixture of quality materials and ingenious technology makes a louvre pergola strong and hardy. The blades can be rotated with a motorised set-up for user convenience, and the system will operate in rain and shine. As long as you treat your blades with the same care as your other home installations, like your gutters or motorised garage door, your automated louvre roof pergola will last a lifetime.

WA Owned

Qualified Tradies

Aussie Proof

5 Year Warranty

The Best Pergola Style for Australian Houses

When it comes to the home and garden, style is just as important as function. A louvred style roof gives you plenty of choice regarding aesthetics, with stunning powder-coated aluminium available in various colours to suit all Western Australian homes. Select a combination of colours for a specific look to match your style.

Sola Shade works with you to design your louvre pergola to the exact needs of the space, including completely customising dimensions, manufacturing the structure, and organising delivery and installation at your home.

Choose an Attached Or Unattached Pergola

Pergolas are often thought of as freestanding structures in idyllic botanic gardens and vineyards. But, with modern materials, Australians have popularised the home-connected pergola, meaning you have more choice when customising your outdoor or alfresco living areas.

How do you decide whether to build a connected or detached pergola for your alfresco living space? It all depends on the space and how you want to use it. There are advantages to both designs, stylistically and practically, and it is essential to consider each option while keeping the louvred pergola system in mind.

The most significant benefits of an attached structure are stability and a less-intrusive design. Because the pergola will be partially attached to the home, it will require fewer support elements, allowing an uninterrupted flow from inside to outside the home enhancing your alfresco living experience. This design is structurally strong as it builds off the house and benefits from some protection against the elements. The attached frame works well with a louvre blade pergola set-up because it provides a similar sense of temperature control to inside the home, so if you want the outdoors to feel a little more like the indoors for your alfresco living space, then an attached design is right for you.

Alternatively, a louvred freestanding pergola has clear advantages around flexibility and creating a bold focal point in your backyard. A detached framework gives you more freedom, as the design does not have to conform to your home’s existing architecture, meaning you can get creative with dimensions and location. If there is a spot in your backyard where you envision a perfect shade oasis or social gathering point, a freestanding, louvre pergola is ideal for you. Whether it’s a quiet spot in your curated garden, on a bold corner terrace, or near the pool where you want to BBQ, a detached design will fit perfectly.

Perth's Best Pergola and Louvred Roof Builders

At Sola Shade, we pride ourselves on being West Australian-owned and providing an incredible building experience for our Perth clients. We keep every step of the construction process in W.A., from planning with our designers to manufacturing all parts locally and installing them with expert tradespeople. We also coordinate with the best businesses in Perth to ensure your louvre roof and pergola are built as soon as possible. Sola Shade gives you better customisation options and local manufacturing turn-around times.

By engaging with a local Perth company, you will get a finished product that suits your needs.


As a local business, Sola Shade is very familiar with the climate and conditions in Western Australia, meaning we can engineer a louvre design pergola that will withstand the weather and look great for years to come. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns during the design and construction process, you can contact directly one of Sola Shade team member who is knowledgeable, attentive, and keenly aware of any issues that may affect West Aussies specifically.

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Louvre Pergola Experts

We are experts in louvre roofs and pergola design. We want to hear your unique ideas and will work tirelessly to enact your vision in a structurally sound, visually pleasing, and functionally refined way. If you would like to browse through a sampling of our work, look at our installation gallery below. If you want to see the louvred system for pergola roofs in person, visit our showroom in Osborne Park and discuss a free quote with our knowledgeable team.

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