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Louvre Roof

Louvre Roof

Start your home transformation.

Start your home transformation.

louvred pergola

Louvre Roof Systems - Great For All Perth Seasons

We are fortunate to have a beautiful climate here in Perth, Western Australia. After all, our weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors almost year-round. However, the sun can still sting in summer, and the shade can be cold in winter, which isn’t always conducive to our plans with friends and family. So, how can we make better use of our outdoor living spaces? A louvred roof system is a perfect way to maximise the use of your outdoor areas every season.

By opening or closing the louvre blades, you can regulate temperature and sunlight, making the outdoors comfortable in any weather. Louvre roofing turns your courtyard, alfresco area, or balcony into a perfect place for entertaining, gardening, or simply relaxing outside. A louvre system can be installed over an existing deck or patio or even built into a new extension.

Whether you are looking to enjoy your backyard more or add value to your home, we will show you why louvred roofing is the best solution.

Why a Louvred Roof is Better

Louvre is a term that describes a sequence of parallel slats installed in a window, door, or another opening, that provide control over the direction of airflow, rain, and sunlight into a space. When used in roofing, a lightweight louvre blade system covers a desired outdoor area, replacing a traditional bulky roof. This roof system is ideal for louvred pergolas, gazebos, verandahs, outdoor walkways, and more.

At Sola Shade, our louvred systems are built from powder-coated aluminium to withstand harsh UV rays. This coating protects against sea salt spray, heavy rain, and other environmental conditions. Our aluminium louvred roofs are fully automated so, with the touch of a button the louvres can be rotated up to 180° and easily locked into place at the perfect angle.

Our roof blade options are well-engineered for durability and designed with style to impress. For West Australian homeowners, a beautiful louvred outdoor area will increase the enjoyment of your home and add long-term value to your property.

How We Make It Waterproof

The biggest downside to a traditional pergola or slatted patio is that the rain comes right in, reducing the usability of your beautiful outdoor spaces in the colder months. Wouldn’t it be great to let the winter sun in when it is shining but close your roof when the rain hits? Sola Shade’s automated louvre roof systems are all waterproof for this reason.

When louvre blades are closed flat, they lock into each other and create a perfect seal to withstand rain and wind, keeping your alfresco area or patio nice and cosy. With Australian weather conditions in mind, our waterproof louvre roofs have an integrated gutter system to funnel water away using internal downpipes, protecting gutters from common debris such as leaves, nuts, pollen, and feathers.

The louvre waterproof system has many benefits. Keep your patio furniture dry, shelter your outdoor walkways, and protect your pool from excessive leaf litter during those winter storms. Then adjust the louvre blades to let the sunshine in when the rain has passed.

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5 Year Warranty

The Best Patio Style for Australian Houses

Perth homeowners know the value of a great patio. There are many benefits to building a new patio on your property or renovating an old patio that came with the house. Patios decrease energy bills by adding shade to the sides of your home and increasing your outdoor areas’ usage by making them comfortable all year round. Moreover, installing a louvre roofed patio will add even more value to your home life by giving you control of temperature and sunlight.

Sola Shade are louvre patio experts. We prioritise your needs and design your dream patio by exploring important concepts and ideas with you:

  • Size – Planning the size of your patio roof is crucial and may depend on several factors. For example, does your louvre roof patio need to cover a specific area such as a pool, an alfresco with furniture, a garden section, or an outdoor workspace?
  • Position – The position of your louvred patio will determine the enjoyment and use you get out of it. The perfect patio position comes down to essential considerations, including sun position, intended usage, access, and selecting attached or detached. For example, you may want a sun-facing patio and plan to use it for entertaining, so you would like the patio to have kitchen access, and you also want it to be attached to your house to create a harmonious flow from inside to outside.
louvred pergola

Adjustable Louvred Roofing for Deck

Decks continue to gain popularity in WA, with more people adding decking to their existing homes, extensions, or as part of new builds every year. When adding that final touch to finish and protect your home’s beautiful deck, louvred roofing is the best choice.

Whether your deck acts as an alfresco paradise, surrounds the pool area, wraps around your house, or floats as a freestanding feature – adding an adjustable louvred roof gives you environmental control, ensuring your outdoor time is always pleasant.

Additionally, with an adjustable roof above your deck, you can decide how much sunlight to let in or whether you want more shade. You can even enclose the area from rain. A louvred deck will look visually stunning to friends, family, and guests and is a long-term investment for the value of your property. Once you have seen what a louvre-style roof system can do for your deck, you won’t want to install anything else.

How to Clean & Maintain Louvred Roof Systems

Maintaining a louvre blade roof is easy. Simple care of a louvre roof involves periodical checks on the mechanism to ensure that it is operating correctly.

The beautiful powdered coating covering your louvre frame and blades will withstand average environmental conditions and should be cleaned every six months. However, suppose your louvred system is frequently exposed to sea salt spray, industrial pollution, or organic debris. In that case, cleaning should occur every three months to prevent deposits from building up on the louvre blades.

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The Best Louvred Roof Installers Perth

At Sola Shade, we love providing louvre solutions to homeowners and businesses across Perth. We pride ourselves on being Perth’s friendly louvre experts. With our knowledge and experience, we bring every client’s vision to life by overseeing their dream louvre system’s design, manufacture, and installation.

Being a West Australian business, we know that local service matters. We collaborate with Perth’s best louvre designers, builders, and technicians who understand the needs of Perth residents. Working from our Osborne Park and Nedlands showrooms, the Sola Shade team answers all your questions and enquiries across the duration of your louvre build.

See stunning examples of louvre roof concepts we have built here in Perth in the gallery below. Contact Sola Shade to discuss a quote on improving your outdoor living area. Better yet, come into one of our showrooms today and see the roof operating.

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