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A Guide to Different Types of Plantation Shutters

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A Guide to Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Shutters were designed to protect the property’s exterior and interior from the natural elements. However, over the years, shutters have come a long way, and they are designed with both functionality and aesthetic in mind. In fact, Shutters are an excellent way to add beauty and privacy.

Among all other types of shutters, Norman Plantation Shutters are the most popular types. Generally, plantation shutters come with wide louvres which give the shutters an elegant look and work seamlessly in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.  Norman plantation shutters are versatile window treatments that are suitable in even casual rooms.

Plantations shutters in Perth come in a range of materials, and this guide will help you determine which types suit you.


Basswood is the golden standard of plantation shutters. Since it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, wooden plantation shutters are robust, light, and adds an elegant touch to your house. Wooden plantations shutters never go out of style, and it is a timeless beauty. It could be custom made to any shape and size and could be stained or painted which are prefabricated into various shades and styles.


Compared to wooden normal plantation shutters, vinyl shutters are the least expensive. It contains no wood, so it is fused with PVC or aluminium for more stability. They are affordable, weather resistance, and good in high-moisture areas. Vinyl shutters come in a range of types, including hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, Vinyl-clad wood, solid vinyl with an aluminium insert, and solid vinyl. Since they offer the strength and durability of the wood, it increases the moisture resistance.


It is called engineered wood or faux wood made of engineered wood and coated with vinyl or PVC. Composite plantation shutters are sturdy and also weather and humidity resistant. If you prefer wood shutters at an affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with the composite plantation shutters in Perth.

As you see, plantation shutters are truly versatile and not only available in a range of colours and patterns but also the louvre size of your choice. If you want to add a classic touch to your windows and enhance the appearance of your house, you can’t go wrong with the plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are manufactured with advanced techniques, materials and finishes, making them resistant to shrinking, warping, and swelling.

What more do you want for your house? The practicality is not compromised either and could reduce the energy bills considerably. Are you looking for shutters in Perth? Look no further than Sola Shade. Whether you want customised plantation shutters or you choose from our wide range of ready-built shutters, we got you covered.

Good Reasons to Choose Renson Awnings & Shade Systems

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iShade Awnings

It is no wonder summers in Australia is worse and sultry. It’s hard to manage when the temperature is above 40 degrees and the air feels viscous. Are you tired of blistering summer heat and spending indoors during summer? While there are several ways to shade your outdoor, one of the simple home improvements you should consider is installing Renson Awnings & Shade Systems. Spending outdoors only when the weather is cool is thing of the past. Now you could use your outdoor anytime you want throughout the year. Whether it is raining or shining, with the right shading systems, you could spend your day relaxing outdoors.

Renson Awnings & Shade Systems provide many benefits and they are a versatile structure as they could be installed on your patio, windows, and doors. Even though there are a lot of shading options to choose from, the versatility and timeless appearance of Renson awnings and shade systems can’t be matched.

Here are a few good reasons why you need to opt for Renson awnings and shade systems:-

Renson Awnings might not be your first choice when looking for awnings for your house. But, Renson’s products have earned a unique spot in the awnings Perth industry due to their versatility and sophisticated appeal. Here’s why you need to add them:-


Renson Retractable awnings Perth are made of durable materials that are designed under Australian standards. In fact, they can withstand harsh Australian climate and keep you comfortable and cool throughout the year. Changing temperatures won’t cause wear and tear to the awnings and they can stand up to high humidity while effectively resist fading.

Beautify Your Property

A well-designed awning can enhance the curb appeal of your house. They are not only functional but also add an elegant touch to your property by complementing your home’s design.

Energy Efficient

Do you awnings can help save on your energy bills? Yes, awnings are a great solution for insulating your house. They help keep your home cool when the temperature rises and warm during colder months. They can be installed in windows and doors to block the UV rays from entering your house.


Money is one of the significant deciding factors when it comes to investing in home improvements for most homeowners. If you don’t have the budget to build a shade or a permanent gazebo or other structures to shade your outdoors, awnings are the best choice. Retractable awnings are perfect if you want to save on costs as they are cheaper than building a new structure that’s quite expensive.

As you see, there are many reasons why you need to add Renson awnings and shading system to your house. Please call us for further details. We can help you choose the right shading system for your house.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Norman Plantation Shutters Make a Great Choice for Your Office Space

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Norman Plantation Shutters

Blinds and shutters both are a great option to help block out light in an office space. In many cases, you can use them interchangeably, depending on the size of the window and how much light you need to block out. But, there are some situations where Norman Plantation Shutters are better than blinds. Here are a few good reasons why you should choose Norman plantation shutters over blinds for your office space.

Better Insulators

You’ve probably noticed that shutters keep things cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Not only do they block out harmful UV rays, they also help minimise heat loss during winter months and make your office more comfortable overall. This means lower energy bills!

Control Light Better and Offer More Privacy

Norman Plantation Shutters offer a higher level of light control. You can keep them open or closed, depending on your preference and needs. Since shutters are installed inside your window frame, they can block unwanted light and make your office appear more appealing. Compared to blinds, which create an exposed band of glass at the top of your window, shutters also allow you to preserve as much privacy as possible when opening and closing them by design.

More Secure

Blinds can be lifted up from either side of a window, but shutters are hinged and operate from one side only. Since shutters have less moving parts than blinds, they’re more secure.

Low Cost per Square Foot

If you do a little comparison shopping, you’ll find that Norman shutters Perth are often a cheaper option than blinds. Since it takes less material and time to install a shutter than it does a blind, they tend to be more affordable on a per-square-foot basis. If your office space is large, or if you have multiple office buildings, that can make all the difference when it comes to keeping costs low.

Easier To Clean and Maintain

Keep in mind that blinds can be difficult to clean if they are slatted. That’s because you have to remove them from their support brackets, take off their coverings, and wipe each individual slat. Shutters, on the other hand, can just be wiped with a sponge or cloth. If there is any dirt or grime on them that prevents light from entering your office at certain times of day (or during night), you simply wash them using a spray bottle and some dish soap.

Look good with glass walls/doors

If you’re designing a new office, it can be hard to decide whether blinds or shutters would look better in your space. But if you’re starting from scratch, one thing that can make or break your decision is whether there are any glass walls/doors in your space. Because shutters look great when paired with glass, they can really tie your space together.

As you see, Norman shutters are a better option over blinds for obvious reasons. Go for it! Other products definitely worth checking out are our new pergolas.

Looking For Window Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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Verosol shutters

Window treatments are one of the best ways to spruce up your home without investing in costly renovation projects or spending money on repainting and redecorating every room in your house. However, choosing the right window treatments can be difficult because there are so many different types of brands like Verosol that offers Verosol blinds, Verosol shutters, and Verosol blinds Perth  to choose from. To help you find the right window treatments for your needs, we’ve created this list of seven things you need to consider when looking for window treatments.

Type of Window Treatment

There are many options out there when it comes to window treatments. It’s a good idea to think about what will be best suited for your windows, as well as your specific needs, such as price or function. Verosol blinds and shades might be preferable if you have dogs or children that could potentially damage delicate treatment options as they are durable and functional. Or maybe you just prefer clean lines, in which case, roller shades are perfect!

Fabric and Colour

A window treatment can make or break a room, which is why it’s so important that you take fabric and colour into consideration. Both of these factors will influence how your home feels. For example, if you want an airy and open look in your kitchen, stick with sheer curtains or open-weave bamboo shades in a pale hue.


Ask yourself what you want your window treatments to be made of. Choices include wood, vinyl, and fabric. Understand that even though each material has its pros and cons, some options are going to suit your needs better than others will. Wood is a beautiful choice but can be more expensive. Vinyl provides durability and ease of cleaning at an affordable price point. Fabric offers aesthetics, but it’s also prone to wrinkling if it’s not professionally installed.


Patterns are great because they give you a lot of bang for your buck. In one simple choice, you’re able to drastically change and personalise how a room looks. But what makes a good pattern? Well, it depends on what look you’re going for!

If you want something bold and modern, consider geometric patterns like triangles or squares. Or if you want something more classic or traditional, opt for floral patterns that are timelessly elegant. Whatever pattern you choose, remember that colour is key! Make sure to pick out colours that complement each other well so that your window treatments don’t end up looking like an eyesore in your space.


Durability is one of those factors that you may not have considered when looking at window treatments, but is something you’ll be glad you considered after your treatments have been installed. There are many materials used in products sold as window treatments, and they vary widely with respect to durability. While some such products will last less than a year or two before breaking down or discolouring, others may last 10 years or more.

Energy Efficiency

A great way to save money and energy is by ensuring your window treatments are energy efficient. Not only window treatments can help you sleep better, but it can also increase your productivity at work. If privacy is what you’re after, consider lining your windows with blinds or shades.

Window treatments aren’t only an aesthetical choice but also you should make sure to consider the above factors to make the most of it. Don’t overlook these key elements.

Looking For Window Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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LUXAFLEX awnings

Window treatments are one of the easiest and quickest ways to add an instant upgrade to any room in your home. So, it’s natural that you’d want to find ones that complement both your decor and style. With so many different types of window treatments available like LUXAFLEX blinds , LUXAFLEX shutters, verosol blinds and shutters, however, it can be difficult to narrow down the field and choose the right one without making some mistakes along the way. This article will help you make those decisions by going over the key factors you should consider before choosing window treatments in your home.

Dimensions of the Room

The first factor you’ll want to consider when choosing window treatments is how large your window actually is. If it’s on a smaller scale, you can probably get away with choosing a simpler, more streamlined treatment. But if it’s extremely large, you may want to opt for something more intricate or heavy-duty.


Functionality is an often-overlooked part of window treatments. Do you want the LUXAFLEX blinds or shutters to provide privacy? To filter light? Or do you simply want something that looks pretty in your living room? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a window treatment. Keep in mind, too, that some treatments can be used for multiple purposes. For example, roman shades can be used both as room darkeners and as decorative pieces.


A good window treatment can help both beautify your home and increase its value. But you don’t want a pricey, high-end treatment if it doesn’t fit your budget. This is why it’s important to consider your financial circumstances when choosing window treatments. There are lots of ways to save on window treatments, , but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality for a bargain price.

Colour Scheme

You want your window treatments to look nice and match with everything in your home, but not clash either. It’s important that you choose a neutral colour for your main window treatment, something like white or ivory. You can go bolder with a secondary colour if you want, but make sure it’s only for accent pieces and not for what people see when they walk into your house.


Colour, style and material are all considerations when deciding on Luxaflex window treatments. The colour of your windows may affect how you want your windows treated—darker-colour wood shades can make a room feel smaller than it is, while lighter tones can brighten a space. Your style should also be taken into account; should you prefer clean lines or bold pops of colour?


Finally, there’s durability. It’s important to consider the durability of the window treatment. Opt for reputed brands like Luxaflex. Yes, whether it’s LUXAFLEX awnings or blinds and shutters, they are designed to last for a long period.

If you are looking for window treatments? We can help you choose. We offer a range of high-quality window treatments and shading structures. Please call us for further queries. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

LUXAFLEX Blinds: All You Need to Know

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LUXAFLEX awnings in Perth

Blinds are the ideal way to add colour and excitement to your home decor while still providing the privacy you require. You can find the perfect solution for your specific needs and style preferences with the right blinds. While there are several brands, Luxaflex is the most sought-after brand for blinds, shutters, and awnings.

LUXAFLEX blinds, shutters, and awnings are of the finest quality, and when they’re installed correctly, they can significantly enhance your home. To get the most out of your blinds, though, it’s important to know how to install them correctly and maintain them afterward. If you’re thinking about installing blinds in your home but aren’t sure where to start, here’s everything you need to know about Luxaflex blinds before making a purchase decision.

The Basics

Luxaflex is Australia’s leading vertical and horizontal blinds manufacturer with over decades of experience. They provide a variety of styles from traditional wood Venetian, corded, metallic, and roman shades to basic fabric or blackout thermal fabrics; Luxaflex has them all.  They have an extensive range of products and accessories available, including LUXAFLEX awnings, blinds, and shutters. They boast a huge range of vertical, roller, sliding, and Roman shades that come in various fabrics, textures, and colours.

Types of Luxaflex Blinds

The Luxaflex brand offers many different varieties and styles of their popular shades. Whether you’re looking for a pleated shade, thermal insulation, cellular shades, or LUXAFLEX shutters, you can find them all under one roof with our Luxaflex products.

The benefits

The most noticeable benefit is that it’s designed with a superior quality fabric that provides excellent insulation and noise reduction. It can be used in multiple rooms, too, so you won’t have to replace any window coverings. Plus, these window coverings can withstand harsh weather conditions due to their moisture-repellent property, so you don’t have to worry about humidity causing them harm. It also includes durable stainless steel end caps that ensure maximum protection from wear and tear even if exposed frequently.

Installation Guide

For starters, you need to measure up. Get a measuring tape and determine what size of frame or windows you’re working with. You can then browse our selection, choose a style and have it shipped straight to your door. Once you have your new Luxaflex window coverings, make sure they’re suitable for installation in your space. If you’re not sure, we can help you. Please call us, and our technicians can help get the blinds or shutters installed successfully.

For further queries on LUXAFLEX blinds, please call us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Treat Your Windows with Versol’s Range of Window Treatments

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Verosol blinds in Perth

Treating your windows doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing you could be doing, but it’s far more rewarding than you’d expect! You may not realise it, but the windows in your home make up an enormous part when it comes to curb appeal and value. Treating your windows can add instant style to the interior of your home and give you peace of mind.

Treating your windows with Verosol blinds or Verosol shutters is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so. This article will explain why it’s worth treating your windows with Versol blinds and shutter and what benefits you can expect from it!

Reduce Heat and Glare

Unless you have a wall of windows in your house, chances are you have some windows that don’t benefit from being able to open and close. Adding versol window treatment can help reduce heat, glare and moisture. These treatments include blinds, shades, and shutters. You could even place decals on your windows that produce the same effect as a shade or blind.

Improve Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Did you know that a large portion of potential buyers, about 80 percent, judge a home’s exterior appearance before walking through its front door? Adding window treatments, such as Verosol blinds or shutters, can enhance your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. This will make it more appealing to those looking for homes and increase its value.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Good-quality window treatments like Versol can block out noise and reduce air leaks, meaning your home can retain more heat in winter and cool air in summer. This can save you money on your energy bills. When it comes to cooling costs, reducing air leaks through a good window treatment could lead to a 10 percent reduction in cooling costs. That’s a huge savings over time!

Provide Comfort

Versol Window treatments, such as shutters and blinds, can do wonders for adding warmth and cosiness inside your home. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your living space, consider investing in Versol window treatments. Good-quality window treatments can do wonders for helping you achieve a more comfortable indoor environment!

Provide Privacy

You can avoid having neighbours or passers-by stare directly into your living space by covering your windows with beautiful shades and blinds. For those that live in a multi-story apartment complex, Verosol blinds Perth or shutters on all of your windows provide a considerable amount of privacy. This is especially true if you have an upstairs bedroom window; it’s probably not fun for people walking below to be able to see you!

As you see, it’s worth investing in Versol blinds and shutters. Whether you want to add value to your house or spice up the décor, treating your windows is one of the best thing you could do. For further queries on treating your windows with Verosol blinds or shutters, please get in touch with us. We can help you choose the right window treatment.

Add Beauty to Your Home with Verosol Blinds

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Verosol shutters

When you are looking at different options to find the best window covering, you should consider Verosol blinds. Verosol blinds can add beauty to your house and create a natural and welcoming environment. They will look beautiful when they are installed, and they can also be used to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your home. You will find them easy to install on your own, and they also tend to be less expensive than other types of blinds. If you’re still not convinced, you should look at the reasons to install Verosol blinds in your home today!

Verosol Blinds Are Versatile

Be it Verosol shutters or blinds, they can not only help you achieve beautiful style but also provide a significant amount of versatility in terms of installation. Whether you choose inside-mount or outside-mount, Verosol blinds can be mounted on multiple surfaces such as glass and vinyl. Also, they’re easy to operate with just a touch, whether it’s direct sunlight or indirect sunlight!

Get Control over Your Privacy

Verosol blinds are an excellent option for those seeking a way to protect their privacy, whether from neighbours or prying eyes. With light control and privacy features, Verosol blinds can be installed in almost any room of your home and will effectively keep sunlight out as well as people in general.

Save Energy

Upgrading your windows is one of the best ways to reduce heating and cooling costs in your home. Old windows let cold air seep into a home, which means higher energy bills and higher carbon emissions. By installing a new set of modern, energy-efficient windows, you can cut back on your electricity bill as well as lower your impact on our environment. Plus, you’ll enjoy better quality light and air flow!

No More Fading Out

Today’s window treatments can be quite expensive, but there’s no need to break the bank in order to outfit your windows with blinds that will keep their rich, vibrant colours for years. Verosol blinds are affordable, and they can also be custom-made, so they won’t fade or discolour over time—in fact, they might outlast your home!

Verosol Blinds Are Eco-Friendly

Verosol blinds use 88% less energy than a conventional roller and Roman shades and 83% less energy than awnings. Verosol blinds contain no PVC or heavy metals, so they’re much more eco-friendly. If you care about the environment, you may want to start considering installing Verosol blinds!

Verosol blinds can be a great option for your house or office. With their ability to customise their look and size, you can adorn your windows, even glass sliding doors. If you’re looking for Verosol blinds in Perth, we got you covered. We offer high-quality blinds and shutters that can be custom-made according to your needs. Please call us for further details. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Luxaflex Blinds: Energy-Efficient Window Treatment

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Summers in Australia can sometimes be unbearable. Nothing is as annoying as spending the weekend in a home that’s very hot and sultry. It’s extremely important to understand how the heat enters the home and to stay cool during the summer while saving money on energy bills when its’ too hot outside. Windows are the only source of natural light and heat entering a home. There’s no better option than window treatments to control the amount of sunlight entering the house. In fact, energy-efficient window treatments like LUXAFLEX blinds and LUXAFLEX shutters can make the difference.

Importance of Installing Luxaflex Blinds for Creating a Comfort Zone

The more energy-efficient your home is, the less money you’ll spend on electric bills. Even a small amount of improvement or changes in energy efficiency could greatly help to save a huge amount of money.

Compared to insulated walls and ceilings, windows will allow more heat to enter a room during summers. Window treatments from Luxaflex are one of the best ways to keep the room cool during summers and warm in the winter. They are engineered in such a way to create a comfortable room, regardless of the weather condition. In fact, without window treatment, a home can lose about 30% of heating and cooling energy through the windows. Window treatments can go a long way in boosting a home’s energy efficiency, helping to create a comfortable environment.

Perks of Installing Luxaflex Blinds and Shutters

Reputed Brand

Luxaflex is a renowned brand for blinds, shutters, and LUXAFLEX awnings. They have been in the industry for more than 60 years and have gained their reputation through their quality products, attention to detail, excellent service, and upfront pricing.

Aesthetically Appealing

Luxaflex Blinds have a significant impact on the style and mood of a room. Their range of blinds is still the most popular and affordable choice for homeowners looking for window treatments. Luxaflex blinds offer simple and uncluttered lines. Unlike other window coverings, Luxaflex blinds and shutters add a visual appeal to any room by completely eliminating excess fabric. Because of their clean lines, Luxaflex blinds can be mounted to the window very closely and easily blend into any room décor.

Variety of Window Treatments

Luxaflex offers a range of window treatments that helps to create a cosy and energy-efficient room in any home or office. Be it Luxaflex’s blind, shutter, or awnings, each product offers a range of benefits, including privacy, temperature control inside the home or office, visual appeal, and many more.

For further queries on LUXAFLEX blinds, please get in touch with our team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Make a Statement With Verosol Blinds!

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Verosol blinds in Perth

Often, homeowners think that blinds are merely window protection. But, blinds are much more than defining the appearance of a room and let you control the amount of sunlight inside your house. Blinds can add beauty to any window and make a statement! That said, the world of window treatment is vast, and you’ll be overwhelmed with many choices. With a wide range of choices in style and materials, choosing the right window treatment can seem a daunting task. It’s natural that you’ll need help selecting the blinds, especially when shopping online, as you’ll be relying on images.

But, don’t fret! We are here to help you. Whether you’re looking to replicate the latest trends or perhaps want to invest in something that’s classic and never go out of style, you can go wrong with Verosol blinds! In fact, Verosol blinds and Verosol shutters can breathe fresh life into your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Verosol Blinds

Verosol is one of the leading specialists in designing and manufacturing functional blinds and shutters. Verosol window coverings are made from metallised textile and mounted with metal, facing outwards. These window treatments can regulate heat and light effectively while allowing maximum privacy.

Verosol’s range of blinds and shutters offers the best performance in heat and daylight control, creating a sustainable environment in both residential and commercial places. By controlling the amount of heat and light indoors, commercial and residential owners can save on energy costs and create a comfortable space.

Metallisation of the fabric is the key feature of Verosol’s range of products. The woven textile is well cleaned and ensure maximum adhesion to the aluminium. Metallisation is a unique technique, making Verosol stand out from competitors.

Why Choose Verosol Blinds?


Verosol blinds are extremely durable Compared to other brands because of their metallisation process and pre-fabric treatment. One of the best things about Verosol blinds is they come a long way, and it’s less prone to cracking under duress from the sunlight, which is why it’s a popular material for building blinds. These blinds are so convenient and can withstand the harsh Australian climate, and you don’t have to replace them unless it’s necessary.

Highly Resistant to Humidity

Verosol blinds are resistant to liquid, making it a perfect choice for areas that are susceptible to high humidity, including over a sink, bathroom, and other areas.


With a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, you can be assured that sunlight won’t cause discolouration and will stay as beautiful and bright as the day you purchased them.

Are you looking for Verosol blinds in Perth? Sola Shade has got you covered. Please get in touch with our team. We can help you choose the right blinds, shutters, and awnings for your home or office.