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Avoid These Mistakes the Next Time When You Choose Window Coverings

Photo by Nicolas Solerieu on Unsplash

Avoid These Mistakes the Next Time When You Choose Window Coverings

Your home speaks volumes about you as it reflects your personal style. Right from your home’s architectural design and paint colours to furniture and finishing, and everything in between, you add your personal touch. You spend a lot of time in designing the floor plan and choosing the materials for your house. But, one thing which is often overlooked is window treatments.

People spend a lot on windows, but protecting them gets pushed aside. Yes, blinds, curtains, and shutters are an afterthought. You don’t usually think about them until the sun rays affect you or realise you have a lack of privacy.

However, with so many options to choose from, choosing the right window covering can be stressful. This may result in buying a window treatment that affects your original plan to transform your interiors. That’s we want to help you discover the common mistakes people make when choosing window coverings.

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing window treatments

Choosing the wrong size

Whether you are planning to dress up your window with LUXAFLEX blinds, drapes, LUXAFLEX shutters, or curtains, it should be carefully measured if you don’t want them to look odd and out of place. If the size is wrong, it’ll look too small or big for your window.

You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money on choosing the wrong size window treatment. Before you head to the showroom or ordering online, measure your window and note down the dimensions depending on whether you want vertical or horizontal treatments. By doing so, you can avoid this costly mistake.

Not considering the décor

It is no wonder there are many window treatment options available, which makes it feel overwhelmed and purchase the wrong one that doesn’t blend well with your home’s décor. For a modern home, it is a good idea to stick with LUXAFLEX blinds and shutters. On the other hand, wood blinds will be a suitable option for traditional homes. It is essential to consider the décor before choosing the window treatment.

Forgetting the function of the window treatment

It’s easy to forget about the functionality of the window treatment as the window coverings are available in a range of shades, patterns, and materials. When you purchase a window treatment, think about how they operate and you are comfortable with operating them. There are many options that are easier to use and maintain.

Installing window coverings on your own

If you are an ardent DIYer, you would like to install your window coverings on your own. While drapes and curtains are easier to install, other knowledge and experience to get the job done right so that your window treatments look the way, it should look.

Choosing the wrong hardware

If you are using the hardware on your windows, ensure it can support the weight of your window treatment. Be it LUXAFLEX awnings or shutters, choose the right hardware.