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Enhance the beauty of your house with Luxaflex window treatments!

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Windows are the most noticeable part of a house. In fact, the importance of windows in a home goes far beyond functionality.

While having the windows that keep the elements out is one thing, they can make a huge difference to the overall look of a property. That said, decorating the windows is the key to add a touch of elegance to a room. Believe it or not, right window treatments can make or break the design of a space. Right from privacy to style, there are several factors to consider while choosing window treatments.

Although there are several brands, nothing is as stylish and beautiful as LUXAFLEX blinds and LUXAFLEX shutters.

Why choose Luxaflex window coverings?

The Luxaflex’s window coverings are becoming more popular for several good reasons. It is a reputed brand that offers high-quality, durable products such as Luxaflex awnings, blinds, and shutters at an affordable price. In fact, all their products are more than the standard window coverings that are available in the market. We have shared some of the good reasons why Luxaflex window treatments over other brands:-


If you are cared about the environment, and want to reduce your carbon footprint, choose products that are made by Luxaflex. Yes, the brand uses recyclable, PVC-free materials and lead-free materials in their products. Not to mention their products are energy-efficient. Their blinds and shutters help keep the room warmer during the cold season and cool and comfortable during the summer months. This, in turn, helps to reduce the consumption energy and save a lot of money on the utility bills. Best of all, the company designs and manufactures all its products without compromising on quality.

Innovative products that are made to last

Luxaflex’s window treatments are unique and innovative from other brands. From narrow and wide blinds to shades that perfectly match the décor elements of a house, there is a window treatment for every property. Best of all, be it window treatments or shading structure, it could be customised according to your home’s architectural style, window shape and size, and colours. You are sure to get the perfect window coverings in any size, style, and colour that you want.

All their products are made from high-quality materials that are made to last for a long period with minimal maintenance.


Since Luxaflex’s window coverings are reasonably priced, it will suit an array of budgets, right from expensive to cheap. No matter how much or how little you spend, you can be assured that you are getting value for the money you have invested in.

As you see, there are many good reasons to choose Luxaflex blinds, shutters, and awnings over other brands. Enhance the appearance of your windows with Luxaflex window coverings!

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Sola Shade Offers Fascinating Solutions for Living the Alfresco Lifestyle!

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Sola Shade Offers Fascinating Solutions for Living the Alfresco Lifestyle!

Outdoor living is one of the fastest-growing residential trends in Australia. Aussies are replicating their interior environment outdoors with fireplaces, elegant furnishings, lighting, etc.  Just imagine in your backyard – a full-size dining table at one end and a comfy seating with furniture, TV, and a fireplace shaded with retractable awnings on the other end. Wouldn’t it be nice and cosy to spend your weekend with your friends and family, regardless of the weather?

Besides, it is an excellent feature that adds value to your home. Of course, you may not sell your home in the near future. But, if you do so, the outdoor setting can be a key selling point that sets your house apart from the competition.

Do you want to add retractable awnings or blinds to your indoor or outdoor space?  Well, consider iShade Awnings & Shade Systems.

Why choose iShade Awnings & Shade Systems?

Our iShade Awnings & Shade Systems are designed to withstand harsh Australian climate and gives you elegant, discreet, and aesthetic solutions to heat, glare, and UV rays. Our retractable awnings in Perth are equipped with the industry standards, which allow you to customise to suit your home perfectly. The excellent features of our Shade products let you add a premium quality, versatile awning to your backyard, deck, or patio.

We offer a range of iShade awnings & Shade Systems, including:-

Sundance – Folding Arm Awning

Extend your outdoor space by installing Sundance folding arm awning Perth. When tucked away, its slimline headbox gives the awning a neat and compact look. The Sundance is made to last for a long time and withstand harsh Australian climate, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor space.

 iZip – External Zip lock blind

Do you want to create more privacy in your outdoor or indoor spaces while you can enjoy the views and natural light? Consider installing iZip. iZip provides a gapless screen and total light control. You can either block out the light completely or let it in by retracting. IZip is a sleek and stylish system that provides maximum sun protection with minimum visual impact to the exterior of your building.

Skyshade – Retractable Fabric Roof

The iShade Skyshade is suitable for pergolas, courtyards, and custom-built structures. With its amazing features such as reliable operation, streamline aesthetics, and multifunctional brilliance, you can enjoy outdoors throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Enviroscreen – External Alfresco Blind

Enviroscreen is a vertical tensioned screen that provides maximum protection from natural elements such as direct heat, glare and UV rays, moist wind, and rain. It is suitable for semi-open spaces such as verandahs and pergolas. With its sleek and stylish structure, it allows natural light to filter through as well as permit air movement to prevent heat buildup.

Sunflex – Pivot Arm Awning

The Sunflex is a brilliantly designed drop arm awning that offers heat, glare, and UV protection while allowing you to enjoy the view. It is suitable for verandahs, doors, and upper floor windows.

Ecoscreen – External Window Shade

With its sleek, stylish, and compact design, iShade Ecoscreen offers complete sun protection. Ecoscreen is suitable for indoors as it makes interiors comfortable and significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. It can be tucked away to allow the light in during cooler months.

Whether you are looking for a blind, sun shade, or retractable awnings in Perth, we got you covered. Call us today for more details.

Want to Enhance Home’s Exterior? Here’s how to adorn Your Home’s Exterior with Awnings

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Louvre Roof System

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Louvre Roof System

Adding a louvre roof system to your backyard or patio is a great decision as it will be your all-in-one solution to maximise your outdoor living experience throughout the year. Yes, it gives you protection against sun and rain and gives your control of how much light or natural element you want into your outdoor space. However, choosing the right louvre roof for your outdoor space can be challenging when there are so many designs to choose from. But, don’t fret. We are here to help you choose the right opening system with these tips.

Coordinate with Your Home’s Décor

Visually, the opening roof systems must seamlessly blend and fit with the aesthetic and size of your home. A well-designed louvre roof system can enhance the curb appeal of your house. So, consider the colour used, architectural style, materials most commonly used, and the dimensions of the prominent features of your home. Besides, consider the lines and construction of your property before finalising a design.

The design of the louvre system can be inspired by taking these factors into consideration so that it doesn’t look odd rather looks like a natural extension of your home that is aesthetically pleasing and visually attracting.

Identify the Location of the Louvre Roof System

Whether you are planning to install the louvre roof in your patio, deck, or building new, it is essential to determine the right location. You should also consider the size of the location as you may need additional installations like frames and supports. Choose a location that seamlessly fits into the outdoor space.

Length of the Blades

The way you place your blades will help determine the length of blades and how much light you would want to let in at different times of the day. Based on the orientation of your outdoor space, you’ll want to decide how you want the blades to be placed.

Operation of the Roof

Be it manual or automatic, a louvre roof system is easy to operate. While manual roof has louvre blades that can be retracted and opened using a hand lever, automatic roofs can be adjusted with a touch of a button. You can even connect your louvre roof system with your smart phone. It is better to go for motorised one as it can be operated automatically and make adjustments without having to move from your place. Besides, the latest model louvre systems come with a sensor that automatically retracts and opens according to the weather condition.

Design and Colour of the Roof

The Louvre roof in Perth comes in several styles, each with a different look. While flat louvre roof is the most popular for their versatility, sloping and A-frame roofs are also preferred by many as they fit well with most house designs. Choose a design with vibrant colour and texture that creates standout features. Our Louvre Roofing systems come in a standard range of shades to suit the Australian landscape and meet specific design considerations.

Are you looking for Louvre Roof in Perth? Offering complete functionality and year round comfort for any outdoor areas, Sola Shade’s range of louvre Roof Systems suit both traditional and modern architecture.

Why Plantation Shutters are Recommended for Your Kitchen?

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Why Plantation Shutters are Recommended for Your Kitchen?

Kitchens, in several homes, would typically have regular curtains or drapes hanging in the window. Besides enhancing the appearance of the room, curtains provide only a limited number of benefits. If you’ve had curtains in your kitchen for a while now, you should start thinking about upgrading to Norman plantation shutters. Here are a few reasons that emphasise on the benefits of installing plantation shutters for your kitchen:

Complete Privacy:

Plantation shutters are one of the best window treatments when it comes to privacy. The louvres can be adjusted depending on your requirements. You get to control the amount of visibility using shutters. Whether you want partial visibility or a complete block out, a simple tilt is all it takes to ensure your privacy.

Maintenance is Easy:

Another benefit of Norman plantation shutters is that they are easy to maintain, especially when compared to curtains. Curtains can easily attract dirt and absorb moisture quickly. On the other hand, plantation shutters can be easily wipe-cleaned and maintained if it gets dirty. Since the possibility of water and food splashes is more in kitchens, plantation shutters will be your best choice. Shutters do not absorb moisture, hence the risks of mould or mildew growth will be prevented.

Effective Light Control:

Sufficient lighting is required in a kitchen, especially when you are cooking. Too much or too little light can both be a problem. Excess sunlight from the outside can be effectively controlled by adjusting the plantation shutters during the day. Similarly, during the winter season, you can adjust the shutters to allow as much sunlight as possible into your kitchen. The ability to adjust the shutters and maintain the required amount of light in your kitchen brings great convenience to you.

Better Value for Your Home:

A well-designed kitchen will certainly add great value to your house. The addition of plantation shutters in Perth will impress potential buyers for its great form and functionality. Plantation shutters not just make your kitchen look sleek and modern, but provides superior privacy control and energy efficiency that prospective homebuyers are looking for.

Makes Kitchen Energy Efficient:

As mentioned earlier, plantation shutters let you control the amount of light getting into your kitchen. At the same time, shutters also make it possible to control the amount of heat within your kitchen. Plantation shutters have great insulation properties that maintains a comfortable temperature within your kitchen. For instance, during the cold winter months, keeping your shutters closed will trap the heat generated from the stove within your room. This drastically reduces your heating bills and makes your kitchen energy efficient.

Installing plantation shutters for your kitchen is a great decision any homeowner can make. Check out high-quality plantation shutters in Perth offered by the leading suppliers to make your kitchen perfect.

The Many Benefits of Adding Window Awnings to Your House

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Image by M W from Pixabay

The Many Benefits of Adding Window Awnings to Your House

Whether you want to add features to enhance the look and feel of your house or keep your house cool and warm, window awnings are the best option. Yes, iShade Awnings & Shade Systems are a popular exterior feature among homeowners which are constantly advancing. Window awnings provide maximum protection from all the natural elements and keep your house cool during summer and warm during winter months and ensure your home is always intact.

In fact, wherever they are installed, window awnings provide charm and utility. Installing window awnings can offer a range of benefits beyond just looking great. They are easy to install and provide many benefits to your home.

Here are the reasons you might want to consider adding window awnings to your home:

Reduce energy bills

Do you know window awnings can reduce heat gain by as much as 77%? Yes, by adding awnings to your windows, you could see noticeable savings on your monthly energy bills. Windows could trap heat and release it inside your house, making the room heat. Without window awnings, it may end up costing you a lot of money in terms of cooling costs, especially during the summer months. We are well aware of our climate. The temperature could rise up to 30 degrees during the hot summer months. Retractable awnings Perth will help to reduce the amount of heat the window traps and keep the room cooler.

One the other hand, window awning can help decrease the amount of cold air and chilly winds that can leak through your home via the windows. This, in turn, keeps the room warm and cosy, eliminating the need to run the heaters that ultimately reduce the utility bills.

By strategically placing the iShade Awnings & Shade Systems in your doors and windows, you could save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills.

Enhance curb appeal

Could there be any better way to compliment your home’s exterior than window awnings? Yeah, awnings come in a range of shades, patterns, styles, and fabrics. So, it shouldn’t be a hard time to find something that suits your home’s décor elements. In fact, awnings couldn’t have to be a permanent fixture, you could disassemble and store when you don’t need them.

Weather protection

One of the major advantages of installing window awnings is to redirect rain and prevent your property from moisture-related damage. If you have wood features in your house, such as shutters, window awnings could protect it. Besides, awnings can shield your house furnishings from harmful UV rays and prevent fading.

Awnings are a wonderful addition to your house. Whether you want to install it on your backyard or windows, we got you covered. We offer iShade awnings in Perth. Call and get a free quote.

Exploring the Benefits of Adding Awnings in Outdoor Areas

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Exploring the Benefits of Adding Awnings in Outdoor Areas

Do you want to spend time with your kids and family in a very calm atmosphere? What better way could there be than installing awnings in your backyard or patio? An awning can transform your outdoor space into an oasis where you can party with your friends and family and relax during weekends.

Shade structures like awnings provide valuable shelter for any outdoor area. Be it a home’s backyard, patio, or playground, park, school courtyard, restaurant, and office, iShade Awnings & Shade Systems can add beauty and value to the property. In fact, awnings can create a comfortable outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the weather.

However, many property owners think that awnings are only beneficial during the hottest months of the year. Of course, awnings allow you to stay longer in outdoors and also provide the benefit of being shielded from the harmful sun rays. But, even when the temperature is down and cool, awnings can keep you comfortable and cosy in outdoors. In fact, awnings not only protect you from the sun also but also offer a plethora of benefits and let’s explore them.

Add aesthetics

This is one of the significant reasons why home and commercial owners choose to install awnings Perth in their property over other shading systems available in the market.

With iShade Awnings & Shade Systems, making your space more visually interesting and attractive is easy as they are designed to enhance the curb appeal of a house or commercial property. Such a shady oasis will add charm and appeal not only to your backyard but also to your house.

Why would you want to go far to breathe fresh air and relax yourself while you can recreate one in your house? You can create an atmosphere of security, calm, tranquillity, romanticism, comfort, and bliss.

Protect interior furnishings

Window awnings provide the needed shade and protect your homes’ décor and interior finishing from becoming damaged due to prolonged exposure of direct sunlight.

Add value to the property

Installing awnings in your property creates a lively space and add value to the property. Yes, they’ll attract more buyers when the house is put on the sale.

Gives you control of your outdoor space

iShade Awnings & Shade Systems gives you the convenience of controlling whether you want shade or not. You can retract and extend your awning based on the weather condition and how much sun or shade you need.

Reduce energy cost

Awnings can save you up to 23% on your annual cooling costs, especially during the summer. If you choose retractable awnings, you can save more as it keeps you warm during cooler months and cool in hot days.

Are you looking for retractable awnings in Perth? Contact Sola Shade

How Window Furnishings Enhance Employee Productivity

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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

How Window Furnishings Enhance Employee Productivity

The success of a company is undoubtedly dependent on how employees handle their tasks. Every business would create a strategy that is meant to improve employee morale and productivity. Knowing how to make the most of your employees’ potential will help streamline your business process. Do you know that one of the factors that impact workplace productivity is your office space itself?  This has to do with the indoor lighting. One of the effective ways of enhancing productivity is the use of window furnishings such as LUXAFLEX blinds. Wondering how? Read on to find out:

Minimise Sun Glare:

Too much exposure to outside light will cause eye strain because of the resultant sun glare on computer screens. With the use of window furnishings, you get to control the light exposure, so that your employees don’t have to squint at their screens anymore. This helps reduce eye strain, letting them focus on their job rather than constantly repositioning themselves to avoid Sun glare.

Better Comfort:

Installing LUXAFLEX blinds will not just reduce light, but controls heat as well. Window Blinds are effective in deflecting outside heat, thus keeping the interiors of your office cool and comfortable. This also helps to significantly reduce the use of air conditioning systems. Comfortable interior temperature will let employees improve their focus throughout the day.

Enhanced Creative Energy:

Window furnishings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can also easily customise them with different colours that align with the branding of your company, or by using colours that positively impact productivity in the workplace. Choosing bright and vibrant colours will instantly enhance the mood of your employees, thereby boosting their creative energy. This further paves the way for productive results.

Great Energy Savings:

As mentioned earlier, windows that are not covered will generate heat in the interiors.  As a result, your air conditioning system will have to work more than required to cool down the temperature. This is when window furnishings such as LUXAFLEX shutters can be a great help. For instance, roller blinds when installed will completely block out sunlight, hence the radiant heat won’t stay inside. This lets you save on your cooling costs, and the generated savings could be used for other important initiatives in the workplace such as employee training, lunch, renovations, and more.

Improved Health:

Overexposure to sunlight for a long time could be detrimental to one’ health. Since window furnishings reduce sunlight overexposure, the health of your employees will be secured, thus ensuring consistent productivity.

These are some of the ways with which high quality window furnishings enhance employee productivity. Get in touch with a supplier offering high grade blinds and LUXAFLEX awnings at cost-effective prices. They will help you choose the right product that fulfils your requirements.

A Guide to Maintaining Your Awnings

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A Guide to Maintaining Your Awnings

An awning can complement and enhance the style and look of your house. People who have installed awnings are really excited with the new look and reaping the benefits. iShade Awnings & Shade Systems are designed to be long-lasting. The frames and hardware are strong, durable and can operate smoothly for decades. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for your awnings.

An awning can last for 20 years or more if maintained well. Keeping it clean and neat doesn’t have to be a big task. If you neglect your awnings, it can negatively impact the appearance of your house. As a general rule, an awning should be cleaned at least once in a year. The more regular the better it could be.

Why is it essential to clean the awnings?

The retractable awnings Perth offers a plethora of benefits and protection from weather elements is one of the significant reasons why many prefer awnings over other options. That said, awnings also need protection from debris and dirt. As awnings are constantly exposed to natural elements, it can look dull over time.

Dirt, grime, pollutants, dust, and leaves can all dirty up awnings. Besides, bird droppings are another major problem as they can cause discolouration on almost all kind of awning fabric. It should be cleaned and rinsed off as early as possible. Hence, regular cleaning is essential to ensure awnings look new and last longer. Moreover, regular cleaning is also necessary to protect their finish.

How to maintain your awnings Perth?

Rinse frequently

Use must wash the awnings at least once a year to remove the dirt and dust that has been accumulated, regardless of the fabric of the awning. A regular garden hose would do well for rinsing your awning. If there are trees and plants nearby the awnings, you will have to rinse it more frequently.

Wash it with a mild soap solution

If your awning looks dirty even after hosing down, you’ll have to wash it with a mild soap solution. Do not use strong cleaning detergents or solution as it can cause discolouration. Also, use a soft-bristled brush as the stiff-bristled rush can damage the waterproof coating and the fabric of the awning as well.

Dust regularly

Regular dusting can help to prevent dust, dirt, and leaves accumulating in the awnings. Leaves and twigs can stain the fabric, making you use abrasive stain cleaners and brushes to remove the stain. Regular dusting and cleaning can help to remove the leaves and sticks on the awnings as well.

Respond to small repairs immediately

Due to various reasons, your awnings may sustain damages overtime. Responding to the small repairs is the key to making your awnings last longer. If the repairs are not fixed, the damage can worsen and awnings can become irreparable where you need to replace it with a new one. Consider inspecting the awnings regularly and fixing the repairs as soon as you spot it.

If you follow these guidelines, you can keep your awning in good shape which extends the lifespan of your awning and reduce repair cost.   Are you looking for iShade Awnings & Shade Systems? At Sola Shade, we offer a range of iShade shading systems at the best price.

Avoid These Mistakes the Next Time When You Choose Window Coverings

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Photo by Nicolas Solerieu on Unsplash

Avoid These Mistakes the Next Time When You Choose Window Coverings

Your home speaks volumes about you as it reflects your personal style. Right from your home’s architectural design and paint colours to furniture and finishing, and everything in between, you add your personal touch. You spend a lot of time in designing the floor plan and choosing the materials for your house. But, one thing which is often overlooked is window treatments.

People spend a lot on windows, but protecting them gets pushed aside. Yes, blinds, curtains, and shutters are an afterthought. You don’t usually think about them until the sun rays affect you or realise you have a lack of privacy.

However, with so many options to choose from, choosing the right window covering can be stressful. This may result in buying a window treatment that affects your original plan to transform your interiors. That’s we want to help you discover the common mistakes people make when choosing window coverings.

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing window treatments

Choosing the wrong size

Whether you are planning to dress up your window with LUXAFLEX blinds, drapes, LUXAFLEX shutters, or curtains, it should be carefully measured if you don’t want them to look odd and out of place. If the size is wrong, it’ll look too small or big for your window.

You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money on choosing the wrong size window treatment. Before you head to the showroom or ordering online, measure your window and note down the dimensions depending on whether you want vertical or horizontal treatments. By doing so, you can avoid this costly mistake.

Not considering the décor

It is no wonder there are many window treatment options available, which makes it feel overwhelmed and purchase the wrong one that doesn’t blend well with your home’s décor. For a modern home, it is a good idea to stick with LUXAFLEX blinds and shutters. On the other hand, wood blinds will be a suitable option for traditional homes. It is essential to consider the décor before choosing the window treatment.

Forgetting the function of the window treatment

It’s easy to forget about the functionality of the window treatment as the window coverings are available in a range of shades, patterns, and materials. When you purchase a window treatment, think about how they operate and you are comfortable with operating them. There are many options that are easier to use and maintain.

Installing window coverings on your own

If you are an ardent DIYer, you would like to install your window coverings on your own. While drapes and curtains are easier to install, other knowledge and experience to get the job done right so that your window treatments look the way, it should look.

Choosing the wrong hardware

If you are using the hardware on your windows, ensure it can support the weight of your window treatment. Be it LUXAFLEX awnings or shutters, choose the right hardware.