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Don’t Fall for these 5 Myths About Plantation Shutters

Homeowners love plantation shutters because they are gorgeous and durable window treatments. Norman plantation shutters add form and functionality to your home, and are truly valuable in terms of comfort. Despite its popularity, several people do not like the idea of installing plantation shutters because of certain misconceptions about it. This blog post focuses on some of such popular myths below:

Myth 1: Plantation Shutters are not Easy to Install

This is not true. Plantation shutters are quite easy to install. Even customers with little to no experience have shared how they have been able to install plantation shutters in their houses. Once you have taken the right measurements, installation of shutters should be effortless. Be sure to refer the installation guide to make sure you’re doing it right. Should you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Myth 2: Plantation Shutters are Costly

Norman plantation shutters are a great investment that provides you good returns. One of the biggest benefits of using plantation shutters is that they are energy efficient, thereby allowing you to reduce your heating and cooling costs in the long term. They also last for a long period of time, which alone justifies your purchase. Once you buy a plantation shutter upfront, it will pay back for itself in the form of energy savings.

Myth 3: Shutters are not Easy to Maintain

Plantation shutters are one of the easiest window treatments when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. All you need to do is to just wipe using a duster or a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go! Since shutters have lesser blades when compared to blinds, the amount of dust collected will also be minimal. In the case of curtains, you may have to remove and wash them thoroughly.

Myth 4: Shutters make Your Room Darker even when Open

One of the awesome features of plantation shutters in Perth is their ability to darken the room when the slats are closed. But that doesn’t mean your room will remain darker even when the shutters are open. The slats are adjustable, which means you get to control the amount of light that can come in to your room. Keeping the shutter fully open will let you have maximum light and visibility. This is great for privacy as well.

Myth 5: Shutters don’t work well with Interior Décor

Plantation shutters can be customised to suit your interior décor, no matter the style. While shopping, you will see that there are plantation shutters of different sizes, styles, and colours available for you to choose from. There’s one for everyone.

Plantation shutters in Perth are indeed a great purchase for your homes. They help enhance your lifestyle, while also giving you privacy. Get in touch with a supplier and purchase your favourite plantation shutters today.