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Luxaflex Blinds: Energy-Efficient Window Treatment

Summers in Australia can sometimes be unbearable. Nothing is as annoying as spending the weekend in a home that’s very hot and sultry. It’s extremely important to understand how the heat enters the home and to stay cool during the summer while saving money on energy bills when its’ too hot outside. Windows are the only source of natural light and heat entering a home. There’s no better option than window treatments to control the amount of sunlight entering the house. In fact, energy-efficient window treatments like LUXAFLEX blinds and LUXAFLEX shutters can make the difference.

Importance of Installing Luxaflex Blinds for Creating a Comfort Zone

The more energy-efficient your home is, the less money you’ll spend on electric bills. Even a small amount of improvement or changes in energy efficiency could greatly help to save a huge amount of money.

Compared to insulated walls and ceilings, windows will allow more heat to enter a room during summers. Window treatments from Luxaflex are one of the best ways to keep the room cool during summers and warm in the winter. They are engineered in such a way to create a comfortable room, regardless of the weather condition. In fact, without window treatment, a home can lose about 30% of heating and cooling energy through the windows. Window treatments can go a long way in boosting a home’s energy efficiency, helping to create a comfortable environment.

Perks of Installing Luxaflex Blinds and Shutters

Reputed Brand

Luxaflex is a renowned brand for blinds, shutters, and LUXAFLEX awnings. They have been in the industry for more than 60 years and have gained their reputation through their quality products, attention to detail, excellent service, and upfront pricing.

Aesthetically Appealing

Luxaflex Blinds have a significant impact on the style and mood of a room. Their range of blinds is still the most popular and affordable choice for homeowners looking for window treatments. Luxaflex blinds offer simple and uncluttered lines. Unlike other window coverings, Luxaflex blinds and shutters add a visual appeal to any room by completely eliminating excess fabric. Because of their clean lines, Luxaflex blinds can be mounted to the window very closely and easily blend into any room décor.

Variety of Window Treatments

Luxaflex offers a range of window treatments that helps to create a cosy and energy-efficient room in any home or office. Be it Luxaflex’s blind, shutter, or awnings, each product offers a range of benefits, including privacy, temperature control inside the home or office, visual appeal, and many more.

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