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Make a Statement With Verosol Blinds!

Often, homeowners think that blinds are merely window protection. But, blinds are much more than defining the appearance of a room and let you control the amount of sunlight inside your house. Blinds can add beauty to any window and make a statement! That said, the world of window treatment is vast, and you’ll be overwhelmed with many choices. With a wide range of choices in style and materials, choosing the right window treatment can seem a daunting task. It’s natural that you’ll need help selecting the blinds, especially when shopping online, as you’ll be relying on images.

But, don’t fret! We are here to help you. Whether you’re looking to replicate the latest trends or perhaps want to invest in something that’s classic and never go out of style, you can go wrong with Verosol blinds! In fact, Verosol blinds and Verosol shutters can breathe fresh life into your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Verosol Blinds

Verosol is one of the leading specialists in designing and manufacturing functional blinds and shutters. Verosol window coverings are made from metallised textile and mounted with metal, facing outwards. These window treatments can regulate heat and light effectively while allowing maximum privacy.

Verosol’s range of blinds and shutters offers the best performance in heat and daylight control, creating a sustainable environment in both residential and commercial places. By controlling the amount of heat and light indoors, commercial and residential owners can save on energy costs and create a comfortable space.

Metallisation of the fabric is the key feature of Verosol’s range of products. The woven textile is well cleaned and ensure maximum adhesion to the aluminium. Metallisation is a unique technique, making Verosol stand out from competitors.

Why Choose Verosol Blinds?


Verosol blinds are extremely durable Compared to other brands because of their metallisation process and pre-fabric treatment. One of the best things about Verosol blinds is they come a long way, and it’s less prone to cracking under duress from the sunlight, which is why it’s a popular material for building blinds. These blinds are so convenient and can withstand the harsh Australian climate, and you don’t have to replace them unless it’s necessary.

Highly Resistant to Humidity

Verosol blinds are resistant to liquid, making it a perfect choice for areas that are susceptible to high humidity, including over a sink, bathroom, and other areas.


With a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, you can be assured that sunlight won’t cause discolouration and will stay as beautiful and bright as the day you purchased them.

Are you looking for Verosol blinds in Perth? Sola Shade has got you covered. Please get in touch with our team. We can help you choose the right blinds, shutters, and awnings for your home or office.