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Schedule 2 – Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

At (Super Blinds Mart), we are committed to protecting our customers’ right to privacy. We have developed the following Privacy Policy regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as a result. If at any time you have questions about this policy or the information we collect, please feel free to contact us through any of the means outlined in Section 10 below.

Super Blinds Mart will only collect, store, use and disclose any information provided by you for purposes which are necessary for one or more of our functions or activities, or which are deemed necessary under Australian Laws.

1. Collecting your information

We will only collect personal information about you from you and not from anyone else, and will do so only by lawful, fair and unobtrusive means. We generally only collect information from you in order to provide you with the goods you ordered or services you requested.

For Super Blinds Mart to complete your order, it is necessary for us to collect the following details from you:

  • Full name;
  • Delivery/postal address;
  • Daytime contact number;
  • Email address; and
  • Payment/credit card details.

To complete a transaction with us, you will also need to create a Super Blinds Mart Account, which includes a Username and Password. Your personal details (including your Username and Password) listed above will be saved under your Super Blinds Mart Account.

2. Using your information

Your personal information provided to Super Blinds Mart will be used for purposes such as:

  • Ensuring your shopping experience with Super Blinds Mart is personalised to allow for ease of your transaction;
  • Successfully completing and delivering your order from Super Blinds Mart;
  • Contacting you if there are any order updates or possible order complications;
  • Generating internal customer reports to be used by Super Blinds Mart to improve the customer service experience; and
  • Sending newsletters or other promotional material to customers who are interested in receiving marketing and promotional information.

Super Blinds Mart will not request any sensitive information or information regarding your health in order for you to complete your transaction with Super Blinds Mart.

3. Disclosing your information

Super Blinds Mart will not pass your information on to third parties for external marketing purposes and does not work in conjunction with any related companies who may want your personal information for reasons beyond the scope of completing your transaction with Super Blinds Mart.

Super Blinds Mart will only pass your information on to a third party for purposes only if compelled to do so by law.

4. Security

Any information provided to Super Blinds Mart is protected through the use of SSL certificates that enable a 256-bit secure encryption.

Super Blinds Mart handles all credit card information through eWay, our payment gateway facility. Your credit card information is stored only for as long as is required to successfully complete your transaction. We do not store your credit card information following the completion of your transaction with us.

The Super Blinds Mart website also uses GeoTrust, a trusted 3rd party to verify all SSL certificates and identity validation.

5. Cookies

The Super Blinds Mart website makes use of cookies. Cookies are files that are usually saved to your computer that store your user information. This information is retrieved from the file saved on your computer each time you visit the Super Blinds Mart website to enhance your experience.

If you do not want your browsing and ordering experience with Super Blinds Mart to be personalised, you are able to delete or disable the cookies function on your internet browser. Please note, that disabling the cookies function may affect some of the features of the Super Blinds Mart website.

6. International Transactions

The information that you have provided to us through the Super Blinds Mart website is only disclosed to trusted 3rd parties such as eWay and GeoTrust for the purposes outlined above. These companies are sometimes based overseas and some information which you provide may be processed in countries other than Australia where those companies have servers. To the best of our knowledge, information and belief, these entities do not hold, use or disclose the information collected by them inconsistently with Australian privacy laws.

7. Updating your information

If at any time your Account details are no longer correct and need to be updated, you are able to access your online Super Blinds Mart account to update your customer information and track, check or change your order(s).

8. Anonymity

If you wish to conduct a transaction with Super Blinds Mart, you need to provide us with your contact details and credit card details as Super Blinds Mart is an online-based store.

However, please feel free to browse our website, products and services we offer anonymously before placing an order with Super Blinds Mart.

9. Changes to the Super Blinds Mart Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change over time. Please make sure that you check back regularly to review our policy so you are aware of its contents.

10. Concerns/Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the Super Blinds Mart Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: 1300 652 027