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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

For a compact, streamlined design that provides consumers with an effective modern home insulation solution, pleated honeycomb blinds can do wonders for a dull looking space.

Also referred to as cellular shades, honeycomb blinds have boomed in today’s market and add a distinctive, tasteful touch of elegance to any room.

Our honeycomb blinds provide the contemporary Perth consumer with an ultra-efficient air trapping solution that gives them the 21st century gold standard when it comes to temperature control. These blinds are proven to effective promote significant savings in heating and cooling costs each year.

The design allows for easy raising and lowering that won’t compromise the look of your room, with complete control over privacy and natural light. At Sola Shade we offer selective, high-quality honeycomb shades in a full palette of stunning shades and colours. We feature a broad variety of construction options and fabric styles to suit any home and lifestyle development. Custom design options are also available to ensure our honeycomb blinds can be added to any window, in any room.

Sola Shade offers the discriminating consumer high quality honeycomb shades in a full palette of beautiful shades and colours. We feature a massive selection of construction options and fabric types as well. Custom design options make it possible to add honeycomb blinds to any window. Gain complete control over key factors like privacy, light control, and more. Get in touch with us today and let us help you choose the perfect honeycomb blinds for your space!