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Woodlore – MDF Composite

Woodlore – MDF Composite

If you love the traditional character of wood, but not the price tag, you'll love our Woodlore range.

Authentic custom handcrafting combined with our patented engineered material and UV-inhibitor finish ensures that every Woodlore Shutter offers superior quality at a value price. Woodlore Shutters resist fading, yellowing, warping, chipping and cracking and are resistant to sagging, shrinking and swelling to ensure consistent tight shutter closure.

Offering the colour palette, louvre sizes, hinge selection, innovative frame options and custom fit that reflect your personal style, the Woodlore line of window shutters provides the highest performance at a value price all while adding an enduring, distinctive accent to any home.



Woodlore Shutter Specifications

Colour Options5 colours
Stile ProfileBeaded, Chamfer
Louvre TypeElliptical
Louvre Width63,89,114
Stile Width50,57
Stile Thickness25
Rail Thickness 16
Maximum Panel Height 2700
Divider Rail required for panels over1879
Hinged Panel Width (max) 750 (63mm louvre)
750 (89mm louvre)
750 (114mm louvre)
Hinged w/Centre Stile Panel Width (max)900
Hinged Bi-fold Panel Width (max)450
Hinged Bi-fold Panel Height (max)2700, must have bottom frame
Fixed Panel with Centre Stile Panel Width (max)1200
Track Bi-fold Panel Width (max) 600
Track Sliding with Centre Stile Panel Width (max)1200
Track Sliding with Co-Joined Stile Panel Width (max)2395
Posts 90° Corner Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
135° Bay Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
Custom Angle Corner & Bay Posts
25 & 45mm T-Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
Headboard/Sideboard Sizes 100, 160, 200 x 19mm
Pelmet Fascia Sizes 62, 101, 146mm