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Treat Your Windows with Norman Plantation Shutters

Gone are the days when curtains and blinds were the only option to treat the windows. Today, Norman Plantation Shutters have been widely used in window furnishings and become the most demanded window treatments. It’s no wonder why Normal plantation shutters are quite popular. Yes, these shutters are the only option that provides both functional and aesthetic benefits to a user. So, if you’re looking for something unique option to treat your windows, then Norman plantation shutters Perth is the ideal option.

Everything about Plantation Shutters

A Plantation shutter is a form of window treatment that’s drilled and installed over the windows. It consists of wide louvre slats that’s usually 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches. The slats can be adjusted according to your needs. The normal plantation shutters can be made of plastic and wooden.

Advanced technologies in motorised window coverings help improve your options exponentially. The slats of the shutters can be closed and opened with a push o button. There’re many reasons why motorised plantation shutters are popular than their traditional counterparts, including cost-effective, reliable, and efficient motors. In fact, the modern shutters can be programmed to tilt closed during the hot day automatically and open when needed.

However, there’re several areas in a home where wooden shutters aren’t an ideal choice as they’re susceptible to moisture and humidity. We don’t recommend wooden shutters in the bathroom, kitchen, attic, and garage.

Benefits of Treating Your Windows with Norman Plantation Shutters

Easy to Maintain

Modern-day plantation shutters are made from durable materials like aluminium, wood, and PVC. Yes, they don’t peel or crack and withstand for a long time. It’s easy to maintain and keeps them in good shape. All you need to do is a light dusting and wipe with a damp cloth occasionally.

Control Light and View

Unlike traditional ones, Norman plantation shutters have wider louvres. This, in turn, allows natural light in and keep the views open to the outdoors while giving maximum privacy indoors. Plantation shutters make a good window treatment considering today’s trend of making the most of daylight to reduce energy.


The best part of treating your windows with Norman plantation shutters is that they’re customisable to the last detail. These shutters can be custom-made to harmonise with any room’s décor, needs, and budget, from colour to the size of the louver, operation to configuration, and everything in-between.

As you see, Norman shutters are the ideal option to treat your windows and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. If you’re looking for Norman plantation shutters in Perth, we’ve got you covered. For further queries, please get in touch with our team.