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Maxiblock Shutter – Secure

Maxiblock Shutter – Secure

Roll Formed Maxiblock

The design caters specifically for clients where security is the main application, while still providing all of the benefits of an original Blockout shutter. One of the most common strategies used by would be intruders is to attack the bottom slat and side guides (tracks) of shutters.

The Maxiblock has a strengthened bottom slat making it the strongest security bar available on the Australian market. As a second line of defence Maxiblock tracks are deeper for more support and four times thicker than standard shutter tracks for greater security.

A unique feature of the Maxiblock track is that it incorporates an internal locking chamber that secures the shutter slats inside the tracks. Maxiblock makes it almost impossible to pull the slats out of position so it’s not only a security feature, but it also protects your windows from flying debris, hail etc caused from storms.

This Maxiblock tracking system combined with the 41mm roll formed polyurethane inserted curtain makes it the complete package. The Curtain is available in 14 standard colours, which make it easy to suit your external surroundings and may be purchased in perforated (ventilated) holes or non -perforated.

Extruded Maxiblock (Highest level of security)

The Maxiblock Extruded security shutters are the strongest on the market as they are made from a double walled extruded profile (or slat) whereas the normal shutters are made from roll formed aluminium. The wall thickness is 1.2mm as compared with 0.38mm for the normal shutters. An additional advantage of the Maxiblock Extruded system is that each shutter is custom made allowing for the light and ventilation holes to be perfectly aligned with each other. The shutter can create a total blockout effect or provide a soft filtered light.

Whilst having all these features it still provides all the necessary insulation benefits of the standard shutter such as heat, cold, noise, light & bushfires. The Extruded profile also allows you to powder coat or anodise the shutter in any non standard colour so you may suit your window frames or external surroundings.

Maxiblock Shutter Specifications

Maxiblock (mm)Max. Width
Roll Formed (41)3450mm
Extruded (40)5400mm