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A Guide to Different Types of Plantation Shutters

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A Guide to Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Shutters were designed to protect the property’s exterior and interior from the natural elements. However, over the years, shutters have come a long way, and they are designed with both functionality and aesthetic in mind. In fact, Shutters are an excellent way to add beauty and privacy.

Among all other types of shutters, Norman Plantation Shutters are the most popular types. Generally, plantation shutters come with wide louvres which give the shutters an elegant look and work seamlessly in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.  Norman plantation shutters are versatile window treatments that are suitable in even casual rooms.

Plantations shutters in Perth come in a range of materials, and this guide will help you determine which types suit you.


Basswood is the golden standard of plantation shutters. Since it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, wooden plantation shutters are robust, light, and adds an elegant touch to your house. Wooden plantations shutters never go out of style, and it is a timeless beauty. It could be custom made to any shape and size and could be stained or painted which are prefabricated into various shades and styles.


Compared to wooden normal plantation shutters, vinyl shutters are the least expensive. It contains no wood, so it is fused with PVC or aluminium for more stability. They are affordable, weather resistance, and good in high-moisture areas. Vinyl shutters come in a range of types, including hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, Vinyl-clad wood, solid vinyl with an aluminium insert, and solid vinyl. Since they offer the strength and durability of the wood, it increases the moisture resistance.


It is called engineered wood or faux wood made of engineered wood and coated with vinyl or PVC. Composite plantation shutters are sturdy and also weather and humidity resistant. If you prefer wood shutters at an affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with the composite plantation shutters in Perth.

As you see, plantation shutters are truly versatile and not only available in a range of colours and patterns but also the louvre size of your choice. If you want to add a classic touch to your windows and enhance the appearance of your house, you can’t go wrong with the plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are manufactured with advanced techniques, materials and finishes, making them resistant to shrinking, warping, and swelling.

What more do you want for your house? The practicality is not compromised either and could reduce the energy bills considerably. Are you looking for shutters in Perth? Look no further than Sola Shade. Whether you want customised plantation shutters or you choose from our wide range of ready-built shutters, we got you covered.

Norman Plantation Shutters – A Budget-Friendly Window Treatment

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Norman Plantation Shutters – A Budget-Friendly Window Treatment

Believe it or not, a window treatment can make or break a room’s architectural design. Window treatments do many good things for your house. Yes, a well-designed window treatment not only adds visual appeal to the windows but also enhance the aesthetic appearance of a room. Best of all, window treatments can help reduce energy bills. However, the key is finding the right window treatments that help achieve these things.

While there are several types of window treatments available in the market, Norman Plantation Shutters is a popular and viable option. If you are looking for low maintenance, elegant and budget-friendly window treatment, there is no better option than Norman Plantation shutters.

With a range of custom options, it is easy to personalise your window treatment according to your lifestyle needs and budget. Here are a few things you need to consider to make the most of your Norman Plantation Shutters:

Louvre Size

How you want the room to look like? This is one of the significant factors when it comes to plantation shutter selection process. Are you looking to create a traditional feel in your house with classic double hung shutters or want a contemporary feel with wide open windows? The size of the louvre can make all the difference. However, louvre size depends on the size of your windows and larger windows require more shutters to cover them. There are many design options available, and we can guide you through the options and costs.


Most of the plantation shutters are made with wood. But, there are several areas where wood is not the right option like in the bathroom, garage, and attic as these areas are more susceptible to humidity and moisture. Polymer, wood, and basswood are the different types of material available for plantation shutters. Choose the right material based on the cost, functionality, and style to ensure your investment is protected and looks great for decades.


Plantation shutters are an ideal choice for your windows. But, not all shutters are created equally. The quality of the plantation shutters Perth differs from one manufacturer to another dramatically. So, it is essential to know what you are getting. It is essential to know the information about what goes into the shutters and how it is made so that you could make informed decisions. You should also enquire about the finishing of the wood and wood treatment option as it can affect the lifespan of the shutters, making them last for several years or cause them to wrap prematurely.

Hidden or invisible tilt

This is another major factor you need to consider when choosing plantation shutters. Hidden tilt is the traditional one that has been around for a very long time.

When you decide to buy plantation shutters Perth, you are making an investment that will last for a long period. So, it is important to know these factors to reap the benefits provided by the shutters and make the most of your purchase.

Why Choose Luxaflex Blinds Over Curtains?

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Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

Why Choose Luxaflex Blinds Over Curtains?

You may be concerned and sometimes confused when shopping for window treatments. What to choose, and what not?  Isn’t it? Yes, with lots of options available for window treatments, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In fact, the greater the options, the harder it could be to get the best one. There are blinds, shutters, curtains, and draperies when it comes to window treatment, and that’s really a lot of options with customisation. However, many Australian house owners prefer Luxaflex blinds and shutters over curtains.

Installing Luxaflex blinds is one of the best ways to change the look of any room in your house. Yes, whether you want to install blinds for aesthetical or practical reason, here are few a valuable reasons for installing Luxaflex blinds in your windows.

Wide Range Of Style, Colour, & Patterns

Luxaflex blinds come in an endless array of colours, styles, and designs which allows you to create the perfect look you are longing for in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even in the bathroom. From vertical, roman, mini, and cordless blinds, the options are endless and safer for your little ones and furry friends as well very elegant. Of course, curtains are available in a range of patterns and colours, but they are not as virtually pleasing as Luxaflex blinds.

Offers Complete Privacy

Be it Luxaflex shutters or blinds, it offers you a complete privacy that you cannot get from curtains and other window treatments. If you want more privacy, install top-down shades because you can lower it from the top and allow the natural light in while you can enjoy the privacy.

Easy to Maintain

While curtains can become dirty and stained frequently and require washing, blinds are easy to maintain. In fact, Luxaflex blind simply requires a simple wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to remove the dirt and dust. Apparently, blinds are easier to maintain when compared to curtains. Besides, blinds last longer with little maintenance and you don’t have to replace them until you decide to change them.

Light Control

Both curtains and blinds block the sunlight, but they are limited by their ability to do it one way or another way. Since blinds come in various features, including the different size of slats and the ability to open, close, and tilt, they offer you more light control than curtains. You can just control the amount of light you want to let in and diffuse.

As you see, there are good reasons to invest in Luxaflex blinds for your windows over curtains and other window treatments. Whether you are looking for Luxaflex blinds or Luxaflex awnings, Sola Shade got you covered.

Why Install Plantation Shutters this Summer? 5 Convincing Reasons

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Why Install Plantation Shutters this Summer? 5 Convincing Reasons

Plantation shutters are one of the most demanded window coverings that provide a multitude of benefits for homes. Summer’s around the corner, hence now is the right time to invest in this durable and versatile product. Norman plantation shutters can be customised to fit any size of your windows and can easily adapt to any environment. Here are 5 reasons that suggest why you should buy plantation shutters for your property:

Efficient Light Control:

One of the greatest benefits of installing plantation shutters is the ability to control the amount of sunlight that enters your interior space. Sunlight and heat exposure would be at its peak during the summer months, which is when Norman plantation shutters will come in handy.

As you get to limit the amount of light you want by operating the shutters, you could accordingly reduce the heat in the interiors. Even during winter, plantation shutters will provide you sufficient protection. This way, you could eventually reduce your monthly energy expenses as well.

Get the Privacy You Need:

For those who want privacy in their room, plantation shutters are a great choice. Besides giving you the ability to control the light exposure, plantation shutters provide great privacy and sound control too. Plantation shutters have panels with flaps, which shall be adjusted depending on your requirements. Close the panels completely when you are about to sleep, in order to completely block out the light.

Reduce Energy Expenses:

Homeowners would largely depend on cooling appliances during the hot summer months. However, by installing plantation shutters, you could put your electricity bills on diet. The heat generated due to sunlight exposure could easily pass through the window glass. But when you have plantation shutters installed, they act as a strong barrier that doesn’t let through the heat from the outside.

Similar benefits could also be achieved during winter. Simply put, you can experience comfortable living in the interiors that is neither too hot nor too cold. This reduces your dependency on heating and cooling appliances, which would positively reflect on your monthly energy bills.


Plantation shutters in Perth are demanded for its versatility. Unlike regular curtains, plantation shutters can be customised to suit windows of any size and shape. They could make the most of the available space and serve the purpose with no hassles. Plantation shutters complement your interior decor, thereby adding more appeal  to your home.

Long Lasting:

Unlike other kinds of window furnishings, plantation shutters are designed to last for years. When you purchase high quality plantation shutters from a reliable supplier, you could ensure that its high standard of design and functionality will provide an effective control of light and heat. With minimal maintenance, plantation shutters will work as intended for many summers to come.

From the above pointers, it is evident that investing in plantation shutters in Perth is a great idea to prepare yourself for summer. Get in touch with a leading supplier today.

Things to Consider When Shopping For Blinds

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Photo by Wade Lambert on Unsplash

Things to Consider When Shopping For Blinds

Window blinds are one of the most popular forms of window treatments available in the market. Their ability to control the amount of light, elegant appearance, hassle-free operation makes them worth investing.

That said window treatments are something which you don’t buy regularly. Yes, they are a significant investment which makes sense to get them right for the first time. With a wide range of materials, patterns, and shades, it is easy to forget about the functionality of the blinds. When you are dressing up your window, the aesthetic appeal shouldn’t be a major deciding factor. In fact, it should be practical solutions to address all your needs.

There are several factors that influence the type of blind you choose. So it is essential to know your needs before purchasing LUXAFLEX blinds. Here are a few pointers to get started:-


When shopping for LUXAFLEX shutters and blinds, consider the mood you want to create where you are planning to install. Choose blinds that are warm and inviting for the living room. Roman blinds are also an excellent option for large windows. If it’s for the kitchen, choose a window covering that is easier to clean.

While roman and other blinds are a good choice, Venetian blind is easy to clean, maintain, and stain-resistant. Besides, privacy and light could be controlled, and they are versatile enough to match your room’s décor and colour. For bedroom, choose blinds and shutters that encourage sleep by blocking out light and sun rays.


This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when shopping for blinds. How much light do you want? Do you prefer light filtering? Or do you prefer sheer? Do you want to control the amount of light that enters into your room? Your lighting needs will help choose the right blind.

The purpose

Who will be using the room? You must consider it to get the most of your LUXAFLEX blinds and shutters. If you have toddlers and pets, it is not advisable to install blinds that have cords and chains as they are safety hazards. In such a case, the motorised blinds and shades would fit your lifestyle.

The type of your windows

The type of windows will help determine the size and type of blinds you choose to install. Measure the size of your windows before purchasing, especially when you order online. You wouldn’t want to end up with a product that is bigger or smaller in size than your windows. Also, figure out the kind of mount that you want, whether it is outside or inside the windows. While inside mounting gives an elegant and minimalistic look, outside mounting makes the window appear big than its size.


The type of blind you choose influences the privacy level of your house. While roller blind blocks out light completely and suitable for bedrooms, venetian blinds are perfect for living rooms as they let you control the amount of light and privacy you need.

Now that you know what to consider when shopping for blinds, you can make a perfect decision that suits your lifestyle and budget. Whether you are looking for LUXAFLEX awnings, blinds or shutters, we got you covered. We offer a range of shading systems at the best price.

Why Every Home Must have a Louvred Roof Patio

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Photo by Thomas Welch on Unsplash

Why Every Home Must have a Louvred Roof Patio

Getting to spend some quality time with friends and family is simply fun. It only gets better when you have an extended outdoor space in your house. Having a patio with louvred roof is not just great for outdoor entertainment, but also boosts resale value of a house. Louvred roofs can also be customised to meet your specific requirements and are made with high grade materials that last long. Here are a few reasons why your home should have a louvred roof patio:

Great for Socialising:

Spending time outdoors with your loved ones is relaxing and special. While you get to enjoy the cool breeze and the warmth of sunlight, you could also share great moments with the people you love. If you are having a simple BBQ party or a game night, an opening louvred roof patio is the perfect place for it to happen.

Stay Outdoors Anytime You Want:

You don’t have to rush to your house during a bad weather anymore. A louvred roof will provide sufficient protection during unpleasant weather conditions. So, whether it is heavily pouring outside, or there is too much sunlight and heat, you will still have the freedom to spend time outdoors and be safe from the elements. Even better, installing weather sensors on the open air louvred roof will give you the ability to easily detect bad weather.

Outdoor Parties are Less Stressful:

Homeowners have to be constantly concerned about not damaging their household possessions when having a party indoors. An accidental spill of a drink can easily spoil the flooring or carpet. Once the party is over, cleaning up the mess is also not easy. But, what if you are hosting a party outdoors? Cleaning is a lot more easier and people love being outdoors anyway. Having a louvred roof makes this easily possible.

Great Comfort Guaranteed:

An opening louvred roof is adjustable, ensuring that you can protect yourself from heavy rains or harsh sunlight. The louvres can be easily adjusted at a specific angle to allow the right amount of sunlight to get into your space. This sets the right temperature and airflow, thereby maximising comfort for you and everyone else.

Perfect for Businesses Too:

Louvred roofs are useful not just for homes. If you are running a restaurant, café, or a resort, louvred roof in Perth will be a great attraction for customers. Having an opening louvred roof allows the customers to have their favourite food while enjoying the gorgeous views of nature. This will indeed boost the value of your property as well.  Regardless of the weather, it will be easy for you to serve the customers better.

Now that you know the great benefits of installing a louvred roof, contact the leading supplier of high-quality opening louvred roof today.

A Guide to Easily Maintain Your Retractable Awnings

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A Guide to Easily Maintain Your Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer multiple benefits for homes and offices, in terms of both form and functionality. They create an area for your property to relax and entertain.  As it offers an extended living space, Renson outdoor awnings & shade systems add curb appeal to your home.

You can choose when and how you want to use them, and they last long, provided you maintain it well. Good quality retractable awnings are highly durable and maintaining them is simple. Here’s some useful maintenance tips you could execute to keep your retractable awnings in top shape:

Brushing and Cleaning the Fabric:

Keeping the fabric of your awnings clean is as easy as brushing with the use of a soft brush once a week. Start by brushing off the debris and leaves that lie on the fabric, all the way from bottom to top. When done, you can also clean the entire roof system by using a hose. Make sure to rinse the Renson outdoor awnings & shade systems at least once a month. If necessary, you can also get additional tips from the experts.

Lubricate the Moving Parts:

Besides cleaning, you will have to lubricate the moving parts of the awnings once a year. Use an appropriate spray lubricant that you can apply on the roof system without damaging it.  However, be careful enough to avoid the lubricant dropping on the fabric, so as to prevent staining. A retractable awning supplier will be able to assist you better in this regard.


As mentioned earlier, you can use a hose to rinse the retractable awning and use a cleaning product such as soap to make your awnings shine. Always remember to use a mild soap for this purpose. Using an incompatible soap or a cleaning product could possibly damage the fabric or material of the awning. After rinsing the awning with a hose, scrub it using a brush and cleaning solution.  Rinse it off and you will notice the difference.

Make Sure the Awnings are Dry:

One of the biggest mistakes people make with retractable awnings in Perth is not letting it dry, even after a rain or snow. The folds in retractable awnings could easily trap water. This not just adversely impact the fabric, but will also lead to mould and mildew. The only way to prevent this is to allow the retractable awning to dry completely. After a heavy downpour or cleaning, fully extend the retractable awning and let it dry thoroughly.

High-quality retractable awnings in Perth that are made using tough materials will be durable and last for years. With sufficient maintenance, you could easily extend the longevity of the awnings to harness the benefits it has to offer for a long time. Contact a reliable supplier today for assistance.

What should I look for when buying awnings?

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With more homeowners investing in retractable awnings, it has become extremely trendy and popular shading system among Aussies.

We are known for loving outdoors. There’s no house without backyards and not to mention our summer, barbeque, and outdoor parties. While there are several methods to extend your outdoor living space, nothing is as effective and versatile as Renson Outdoor Awnings & Shade Systems.

Yes, Renson Outdoor Awnings & Shade Systems gives a complete and exciting outdoor experience! Do you want to create an outdoor play space for your kids? Are you planning to set up your home office in your backyard? Want to throw a party in your backyard? Need a cosy and calm place to enjoy outdoors? Whatever you want to do, awnings are the one-stop solution for all your requirements. But, awnings are a significant investment, and it makes sense to choose the right awnings.

So, how do you go about deciding on the best awnings Perth? Here’s what you need to look for:


Awnings come in a range of materials and each material suit the look of certain homes over others. Outdoor fabrics and aluminium are the two most common materials used in awnings. Outdoor fabrics are available in a range of colours, can be customised, and patterns and require more maintenance. On the other hand, awnings made of aluminium blades are highly durable. However, it doesn’t allow for as much customisation when it comes to colours and designs.


Different types of awning styles are available to match your home or office outdoor needs. Dome style, the double bar standard, waterfall, gable walkway, semi-circular entrance, quarter barrel, and traditional closed and open sides are some of the types in the market. On the other hand, free-standing retractable awnings Perth are mostly used in patios, decks, and terraces. However, the style can be customised according to your needs and outdoor space.


Awning fabrics come in almost all shades. It is important to choose the right colour for the awning to improve your outdoor space’s look. Remember, awning colour can make or break the space. So, make sure awnings colour you choose matches with the architectural style and colour of your house. Go for bright shades as it reflects sunlight, regulating temperatures inside while giving your backyard a dramatic look.


Size is an important key consideration when you are looking for awnings. While small awnings are decorative, larger ones offer wide coverage and more shade.

With these pointers, you should be able to choose the right awnings for your home. Add awnings and enjoy your outdoors throughout the year!

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Choosing the right window covering for your home office

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Although the Government has lifted lockdown restrictions and we are in the new normalcy, the threat of the virus is still there, and most of us are still working at home.

Aren’t you? That said, working at home is not as easy as it seems to be as the environment influence our productivity. Yes, amidst children, household, and other distractions, setting the mood for working at home is still challenging for many.

What does your new desk look like? Do you have a dedicated space for working from home? Whether you have separate space or settled in at the kitchen table, set up a standing desk, or in the backyard, right window coverings can help set the mood for your home office setup. Picking the right window covering for your office home can seem to be a minor detail, but right window treatments can make all the difference in terms of your comfort, eye health, and quality of your zoom meetings.


Of course, there are several window coverings available in the market. But, vertical or horizontal, window blinds are more effective at reducing summer heat gain and help create the environment you need for your home office. While several brands offer blinds, Luxaflex is the most popular choice among Australian homeowners. The Luxaflex brand is renowned for developing appealing products, including LUXAFLEX awnings, blinds, and shutters. Child safety initiatives, energy efficient, variety, stylish, and functional are some of the reasons why Luxaflex Blinds are popular.


If you want more privacy to your home office, then go for Luxaflex shutters. Yes, curtains, draperies, and blinds don’t offer the best trade-offs among view, privacy, and light. Also, with shutters, you don’t have to block out natural light. Shutters can fitter the harshest light and adjust the louvers throughout the day to keep natural light in a comfortable level while having the privacy. Shutters can insulate you from outside noise and protect your privacy during video and audio calls.


Window curtains can make a great difference as spending a lot of money on a home office renovation or makeover. Yes, it is possible to create a relaxing environment in your home office by adorning your windows with attractive and functional curtains. Colour, fabric, pattern, and insulation are the key factors you need to look in for when looking for curtains.

It is a good idea to invest in window coverings to keep you comfortable and cosy in your home office. Whether you are looking for Luxaflex blinds, awnings or shutters, Sola Shade got you covered. For further queries, please call us. We are happy to assist you and help choose the right window covering for your home office.

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Thinking of Buying Window Furnishings? These 5 Tips will Help

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Photo by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash

Thinking of Buying Window Furnishings? These 5 Tips will Help

Discovering the right window furnishing for your home might look daunting. Well, with different options available, it might get a little confusing at some point, but with a little help from the experts, you would be able to find just the right product that suits your requirements. An ideal window furnishing such as LUXAFLEX blinds should blend both form and functionality in equal proportions. Consider these 5 useful tips to make the right purchase:

Decide the Room You are Installing the Window Furnishing in:

When you decide which room windows you are installing/using the window treatments in, your buying process becomes a whole lot easier. Every room will have its unique purpose, so make sure you are choosing the right window treatment accordingly. For instance, you could purchase shades that facilitates better light exposure in kitchens, and choose a different window furnishing that gives you great privacy and better light controls for your bedroom.

Emphasise on Child Safety:

Several window furnishing professionals would recommend using those products that are safe to use for everyone, including children. So, if you have young kids at home, make sure you purchase cordless furnishings for safety. Or, if you have windows that are hard-to-reach, consider purchasing motorised LUXAFLEX blinds that could be easily opened and closed using a remote control. Anyone could operate it without additional assistance, and they will also be safe for all at the same time.

Don’t Forget to Take Measurements:

Perhaps one of the important aspects that should never be overlooked is taking measurements of your windows. Use a tape measure and note down the dimensions of your windows before you head out and look for window furnishings. This will avoid the hassle of purchasing shades or LUXAFLEX shutters that doesn’t fit your windows. You could also get the assistance of a window furnishings professional to have the sizes measured, with which they will help you choose the right product.

Consider all the Options:

There are different kinds of window furnishing options available and they include blinds, plantation shutters, LUXAFLEX awnings, shades, and more. Take a look at all the options available and choose one, based on the four important traits such as light control, privacy, appearance, and energy efficiency. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose one that includes all these traits but instead, pick one that gives you the greatest value in the long run. Analyse each of the types and see if they could satisfy what you need.

Get Help from a Reliable Window Furnishings Professional:

With years of experience and having a solid expertise in window furnishings, the professionals will understand what you are looking for, based on which, they will choose the right product for you on budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the aforementioned tips and start exploring a suitable window furnishing for your home.